Colors meanings | Choosing colors for logos and Websites

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Typical Colorings and Their Most Typical Meanings
Red: energy, passion, enjoyment, power; also indicates anger, threat.
Blue: cool temperature, spiritual techniques, independence, patience, commitment, serenity, trustworthiness; can also suggest unhappiness, depressive disorder.
Yellow: light, positive outlook, pleasure, lighting, joy.
Green: living, naturalness, restfulness, health, money, prosperity; in certain situations, can suggest corrosion, poison.
Orange: friendliness, comfort, approachability, power, a sense of fun, bravery.
Violet: wiseness, complexness, festivity.
White: cleanliness, health, youngsters, high quality, comfort.
Black: energy, natural beauty, secrecy, secret.
Gray: protection, adulthood, reliability.
Pink: relationship a girlie color.
Brown: comfort, strength, stability, reliability.


Difference between PC(RGB) Colors and Print(CMYK) colors

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Know more about PC(RGB) Colors and Print(CMYK) colors
Two colors always makes another color, let see in above 2 images how they create different colors.
Image#1: these colors are used in PC, RGB colors.
Image#2: The colors are used for print purposes.(if we are creating any art for printing then we must create them by selecting CMYK color schema.)

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